Pilates helped me to overcome my back problems and stay in shape. I find it extremely therapeutical. Good instructor is difficult to find. I have tried several in the past. I have been going to Virginia's group classes for over 5 years now and could not be more grateful for guidance and motivation that I receive from each of her classes.
Jana, Middle Wallop.

Many thanks Vir for your fantastic classes. You have certainly helped my back to recover, and now keeping it strong for years to come!
Chris, Andover

Vir really is an excellent pilates teacher. She makes sure you get the positions exactly right and that you work at the right level. She always gives thorough demonstrations and ensures you exercise safely without injury. Classes are great fun too!
Sarah, Over Wallop.

Thank you Vir for your classes. I can safely say that 'in 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body'. It's definitely true.
Harriett, Andover.

I've been attending Vir's group classes for over 8 years now, and I thoroughly enjoy them. She patiently helps those of us for whom such exercises don't come naturally to find the correct positions and learn how things should feel, whilst making the classes great fun. I wholeheartedly recommend Vir's classes for people of all ages.
Sue, Stockbridge.

I come away from Vir's Pilates class walking taller and feeling better. The group classes are of the right size to be friendly yet leave time for individual attention. Vir is extremely focused on individuals particular requirements and works hard to make sure everyone is working safely. Vir is very knowledgeable and keen that classes are suited to you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommending Equilibrium Pilates to others.
Kerry, Andover.

Great Pilates courses run in small groups with full guided instruction to suit individual needs. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Cheryl, Andover.

I was advised by my GP and my back specialist to take up Pilates and have found this class very helpful in strengthening my back. I don't suffer with aches and pains nearly so much now; I've been given a new lease of life. Vir is an excellent teacher who is patient and understanding and makes sure we are all doing the exercises right, she also knows everyone's limitations in the class and ensures we all get individual guidance suggesting alternative moves to those who might struggle on a particular exercise. I couldn't have asked for a better group class to join and would encourage anyone who's considering it to take it up.
Brenda, Andover.

Virginia (Vir) is an excellent instructor. She is so knowledgeable and she takes time to check each person in the group class as they do each move and ensure that they are doing them correctly. There are no other classes that I know of where you can be in a group but still get such individual tuition. I would recommend Virginia to anyone.
Emma, Andover.

Vir is the best Pilates teacher I have experienced. Group classes are a good pace and there are always new body patterns to try out. Best of all Vir has a keen eye and is ready to correct and adjust individuals and encourage - vital!
Jacquie, Andover.

I have really enjoyed and valued your classes Virginia - I find it incredible that you come round to everyone and sort out even the tiniest corrections etc. I'm so glad that I have found a top-rate Pilates teacher at last. Thank you so much!
Nadine, Andover.

It is your attention to detail and the corrections and options you give us what makes a difference in your classes. Thank you!
Neil, Andover.

Thanks for teaching me for the last year, I have really enjoyed it and am feeling a lot stronger and better with my technique.
Charlotte, Andover.

Thank you so much for such great lessons.
Lucy, Andover.

We have now moved house for work in Kent, so won't be able to attend to your classes anymore. I am busily trying to find a good Pilates teacher and classes here now. Not sure I'll be able to find one as good as yours though! Hope all goes well with you and thanks for all those great classes!
Claire, Kent.

Vir's Zumba classes are something else! She makes the dancing such fun and always has a lovely smile on her face. I am not a natural dancer yet Vir makes you feel so relaxed and at ease that nobody feels silly trying out the moves! The classes are a really good workout but everyone works at a level to suit their fitness. I would recommend Vir's teaching to everyone and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the zumba classes and will continue as long as Vir does!
Emma, Tidworth.

After trying Pilates with three different instructors I came across Vir and I can honestly say that I wouldn't do a class with anyone else again. Vir bases her teaching on precision, and her experience and qualifications ensure that each move is safe and suited to my ability. Running relatively small classes allows her to give plenty of individual attention and support. Her energy and passion creates a great atmosphere and her dynamic approach means that she varies the courses, makes them fun, and uses a variety of equipment to add interest and keep us challenged. She genuinely cares about her clients and will offer advice and support too. I thoroughly recommend her based on her personalised approach and dedication as well as her desire to continually develop her skills as an instructor.
Kim, Charlton.